Size: 6″ x 9″
Pages: 48 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1544200590
ISBN-10: 1544200595
BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Literary

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Starting from San Francisco.
A Life in Writing

In this short insightful memoir, Kherdian takes us on his long journey to become a writer: a journey of self-discovery and deliverance to a life he could not believe he would ever achieve. Following him, we often forget what he is searching for, but what does become apparent are the revealing patterns of his life that unfold uncontrollably, as determined by his fate, that he must uncover before he can realize his true destiny. This little book, a writer’s testimony, also becomes a reader’s story, as we move through and beyond Kherdian to find where each of us stands, for none of us can avoid the journey of our lives, and why we turn to artists, whose visions often provide a lens by which we can see our own lives.

Reviews and Endorsements

How wonderful—from the first sentence I fought between reading straight through – because the prose was so moving—and putting the book down to make it last and savor the sentences. Some of my favorite passages—the opening paragraph of chapter 8 is about as perfect as can be; and page 31 should be required reading for all writers; and “it is the writer, I would come to understand, and not the reader that must suffer” should be mandatory above every writer’s desk. — Rich Michelson

It is always a great joy to read David’s latest venture. Alas, they are also always too short, and I am left thirsting for more. His writing simply flows like his favorite river. You will be left wanting more, but you will never be disappointed. From Racine to San Francisco; From Fresno to Japan, David shares his journey without obfuscation. — W. Robert Walker / Review

“I just finished your book. So many emotions, connections, and feelings came to me through your words. Sitting on our couch with your book, Miss Edith my cat; jumped up to my shoulder & buried her head under my chin. We were both quiet—no one moved. She knew that something different had just happened to me after putting down your book. I shared my feelings about you to her and she understood.

Page 40. “….to know myself, to be myself, to fulfill my destiny here on earth as the son of God, as I knew first as a child that I was.”” — Fred Pheiffer