The hidden foot dancing
Finds the earth that prays

– David Kherdian

How It Was: Memories of My Hometown

Dear friends!
I am running a fundraiser campaign to help me publish my new book – How It Was: Memories of My Hometown. Please find a moment to view my video and check out my GoFundMe page. I have created different Reward Levels to thank you for your invaluable support and hopefully you will find one that will appeal to you. Thank you very much for your donation and supporting my initiative.

New Books

Starting from San Francisco.
A Life in Writing

In this short insightful memoir, Kherdian takes us on his long journey to become a writer: a journey of self-discovery and deliverance to a life he could not believe he would ever achieve. Following him, we often forget what he is searching for, but what does become apparent are the revealing patterns of his life that unfold uncontrollably, as determined by his fate, that he must uncover before he can realise his true destiny. This little book, a writer’s testimony, also becomes a reader’s story, as we move through and beyond Kherdian to find where each of us stands, for none of us can avoid the journey of our lives, and why we turn to artists – whose visions often provide a lens by which we can see our own lives.

David Kherdian - Starting from San Francisco Cover

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